Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides the answers to the questions most commonly asked by our clients in relation to our services.

There will be no additional cost where you are letting us know of any changes to your information or circumstances or where this relates to the management of your investment portfolio.

However, there may be an additional cost for financial planning matters where the contact results in the need for further advice or a review of your current financial planning arrangements. Any costs would be clearly identified, discussed and agreed with you before they are incurred.

There are two main areas in which you can help us:-

  1. If we write to you asking for your response, please do try to respond in a timely manner. We try to keep such correspondence to a minimum and would appreciate your co-operation by responding without delay.
  2. If your circumstances change please contact us, even if you are not sure whether the changes are relevant. For example, if your financial circumstances change this may have an impact on the level of risk you are willing to take with your investments. Or, if you marry, there may be scope to utilise both tax allowances in the management of your portfolio.

The paperwork that we send falls into four main categories:-

  1. The initial paperwork for new clients. There is little flexibility to reduce the paperwork issued to you, or the amount of contact with you, when joining us. This paperwork contains very important information for you and also ensures that we gather enough information about your general situation, objectives and understanding of investments and risk so that we can make suitable investment decisions for you.
  2. Regular correspondence about your investments. There is considerable flexibility to reduce the amount of paperwork issued by us to you in relation to the management of your investments. For example, we can issue all such correspondence by email if you prefer.
  3. Contract Notes. If you would prefer not to receive these at all, or to receive them by email rather than paper copies then this can be arranged. If you elect not to receive contract notes each time a trade is made, you will still receive notification of all trading with your 6 monthly investment report.
  4. Investment Reports. There is no flexibility to reduce the content of your investment reports as these contain important information about your portfolio. However, we can issue this to you by email rather than a paper copy if you prefer.

If you wish to receive correspondence by email then you must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your PC or laptop in order to read any attached documents.

Our client care standards ensure that you should receive a response to, or acknowledgement of, your emails, letters or messages within 3 working days of receipt if appropriate. Therefore, if you have not heard from us within this period, and are concerned that your correspondence or instructions may not have reached us, please contact us immediately.

This means that your assets are registered in the name of a Nominee, but you remain the underlying owner. Holding them in Nominee name allows for a much faster dealing process as you do not then need to sign any forms or transfers in relation to each transaction undertaken.

There are strict regulatory requirements in place to ensure that your assets held in Nominee name are ring-fenced, readily identifiable and that they can be quickly returned to you if required.

If required we can distribute income generated from your portfolio to a designated bank account on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis. Alternatively, it can be accumulated and re-invested. We will discuss and agree this with you at the outset and you are free to change your requirements at any time thereafter by contacting us.

You should contact us as soon as possible if a known, or possible, funding requirement is identified because it may have an effect on the investment strategy applied to your portfolio.

We usually have a ‘cash weighting’ in each portfolio and typically this covers known regular funding requirements. However, if the sale of investments is required to meet your needs then the cash may not be available for several days depending on the types of investments sold. The more notice we have of a fund raising exercise the better as we will have to review your portfolio to identify the most suitable ways to raise the required funds, taking into account factors such as Capital Gains Tax, asset allocation and risk.

There are three options for transferring Sterling funds electronically to a bank account, or we can send you a cheque.

  • ‘Future dated Faster Payments’* can be used for transfers that are not required the same day. The payment would normally arrive 2 business days following the day on which we instruct the payment to your account. For example, if we instruct the payment on Monday then the funds should arrive in your account on the Wednesday. We currently make no charge for these payments.
  • ‘Same day Faster Payments’* can be used for transfers where you wish to receive funds into your account on the same day you instruct us. Generally, if you instruct us by mid day we can arrange same day payment. Requests received after mid day may not arrive in your account until the next working day. There is a maximum of £250,000 per payment. We currently charge £5.75 for each payment instructed to cover costs levied by our Bank.

*The receiving Bank must be able to accept funds via Faster Payments, although most UK banks are able to do so.

  • ‘CHAPS Payments’ are used for transfers where you wish to receive funds into your account on the same day you instruct us but either the receiving Bank is unable to receive Faster Payments or the sum is above £250,000. We currently charge £25 for each payment instructed to cover costs levied by our Bank.
  • Transfers of Foreign Currency can also be arranged, and costs will be supplied on request.