Savings & Investments

No matter what experience you have of financial matters, choosing from the wide range of services and available products to best meet your needs is never an easy task.

Our team has over 100 years’ experience in the investment industry, helping clients realise their goals using the products and services that are most appropriate for them.

Our approach – how we are different

  1. From the outset we will take a holistic view, only recommending what we believe best suits your needs.
  2. Our investment professionals can help guide you down the right path, recommending appropriate solutions and where suitable, we can offer on-going management of your financial affairs.
  3. We are independent – our team is not pressured by a distant or centralised large parent company.
  1. We have both compliance and administration provided in-house so that we can construct our services around our clients’ needs.
  2. We do not run in-house funds, and should an investment portfolio be appropriate, this will be tailored specifically to your needs.
  3. Our investment managers, collectively, formulate and implement our investment strategy and are directly accountable for portfolio performance.

Our Philosophy

Our clients’ best interests are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to earn and retain their confidence and trust.

We provide a Service to our clients, not a Product.

Our Philosophy

Solutions which are suitable for you

Whether you are taking the first steps towards planning your retirement, saving towards a long term goal or working out how best to look after your family, we will be happy to have a discussion – with no obligation or consultation fee – about ways in which we can help.

The Murray Asset Management Investment Service

Portfolios which are suitable for you

Cautious or adventurous?  Balanced or growth?  Income bias?  Talk to us about what matters most to you.

Responsive to the changing market

The stock market is inherently uncertain and we are constantly receiving new information. Our latest view on the market can be found in our Market Review section.

Keeping you informed

We will contact you when we make changes to your portfolio, explaining what we have done and why; and we will send you regular valuations and reports so that you can see how your investments have performed.

Tax planning based around your situation

We can help you take advantage of the tax planning opportunities – whether it is through a pension or ISA, or a portfolio of shares in the Alternative Investment Market.

Tell us what you need and we will do our best to help

Talk to us about your investment needs