Trusts, Trustees & Charities

The challenges facing trustees are constantly changing and building. We have many years’ experience in dealing with the complexities of Trust management, and will be pleased to smooth the way as much as possible for those bearing a fiduciary responsibility.

Charity trustees often give freely of their time because they feel strongly about the cause in question. Few charity trustees take on the role because they look forward to discussing investments with a portfolio manager! We understand the need for transparent, clear communication in terms that the lay trustee can understand, to help assure them that they are fulfilling their responsibilities.

Special Considerations

Charities often require the overlay of ethical considerations on their investment decision making.  Our investment management process has been adapted to include just such a service, and we are constantly seeking ways to improve our range of ethical funds.

Tax Planning

With limited capital gains allowances, trusts can sometimes face difficult choices.  We will help trustees assess the possibilities open to them by providing clear illustrations of the costs and benefits of each strategy.


We would expect to meet with the trustees in person at least once a year, giving a full update on the progress of the portfolio; we will also provide valuations timed to coincide with the Trust’s own reporting requirements.

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